Frequently asked questions:

How often do you update your catalogs?

As soon as they are published, we add them to our website and mobile app.

Can I view your catalogs offline?

No, u need internet access to be able to view them on our website or on our mobile app

How can I subscribe to receive notifications when a new catalog is available?

We are working on this feature to be added to the website and mobile app , Stay tuned !

Are your catalogs available in different languages?

Depending on the supermarket, catalogs might be available in different languages.

Do you have a mobile app for viewing your catalogs on the go ?

Yes, download our mobile app, to get any catalog you want, anytime, from any location you’re at.

Are prices in your catalogs accurate and up-to date?

Yes, the pricing in the catalogs are accurate and are the same you will find in every store.

Are orders made on your website or mobile app?

Simply no, we can help you visualize the catalogs, in order to find the best deals then u can order them directly from the shop selected.

Are the products in the catalogs available in store locations?

Yes, all the products you will find in our catalogs are available in the stores.

Do you work with affiliate partners?

Yes, we have a whole program of affiliate partnership, check it out at our website.

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